Saturday, June 14, 2008


-i cant stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with energy that supports your goals. Old folks used to say, " You cant soar with eagles if you're walking around with chickens."

There will been times when you must separate people who bring you down with negativity. Its not always easy, but necessary.

If you know your the best, it only makes sense for you to surround yourself with the best. NO EXEPTIONS!-


Toni said...

Did you set me up for this one? I understand your 'intent' on this post and I concede with separating the negativity out of your life-if that's possible, given we do have family members that will remain family- but I must take umbrage on your last statement...

"If you know your(sic) the best, it only makes sense for you to surround yourself with the best. NO EXEPTION"

What about the poor and disenfranchised-how can they be the best without the opportunities given to some of us?

What about mentoring? Aren't the 'best' somewhat obligated to pass their talents on to others? This would cause 'the best' to be surrounded by those 'lesser', no?

What about those hurting with life's sorrows? They can be extremely negative about the future, about life in general, but what about our mercy and grace to help lift and encourage them to a better place?

Remember, baby, you didn't become the 'best' without a lot of struggle on others' time and efforts. They deserve to know that you will 'pay it forward' to others that aren't necessarily the 'best', but maybe one day with your grace and encouragement, they will be.

Toni said...

Besides....if you would have surrounded yourself with a little 'negativity', you wouldn't have missed out on the banana bread.....