Tuesday, June 17, 2008


.its not about withdrawing yourself from people that may need help, support, and positivity but more along the lines of who you call your "friends" and/or people you associate with.

- i believe that surrounding yourself with the best is really in a sense surrounding yourself with people who are better than you in a way to lift you up, challenge and support you. The best will keep you accountable for the things that you want in your life. not bring you down into situations and environments that are destructive.

and likewise you will do the same to others that are receptive.

you can only help so much until it effects your own well being. and you need to be able to get out of situations that are not conducive to you truly reaching your BEST.


Toni said...

I absolutely agree...and that is not the issue that prompted my objection. Your clarification was needed to dissect your intent. The words as they stood portrayed a separatistic and elitist attitude. I know this is not your personality, but those who don't know you may, from your words alone, draw a different conclusion.

All the 'best'...

vallorie said...

i agree with you 100%, I thank God for amazing friends like you!! I dont know what we would have done with out you and Korie.

leaanne said...

how can you truly know who will support you to your fullest if you don't try to remain in contact with people that really do want you to reach your "best"..communication takes two and i still care!