Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Your Perspective.

There is a great quote by Wayne Dyer.. “when you change what you looking at, what you’re looking at changes.”

This truly shows the power we have to turn nothing into something as well as something into nothing.

your mind is the most powerful thing on earth.

i can also see this translating into the idea of not getting caught up in the content of actions but more the purpose

..something i struggle with..

the best solution is to ask why..
ive been finding this will help expose the ultimate purpose which will give you the ability to really see.


Toni said...

Remember, however, there may not always be something 'wrong' with action without purpose. For people of 'faith' that is sometimes required of us-what's called a 'step of faith'. Taking action when unsure of the purpose or the reason.

For some of us, action may be the only way we can find the purpose. If we do not act, we will stagnate, because the 'why's' cannot always be answered.....